Core Values

As we evolve as both a team and company, it is essential that we not only understand, but live by the core values that defines us as individuals, a company, and a brand; this is what makes us so unique.  These core values are the essence of our existence:

  1. Service with a smile
  2. Strive for excellence
  3. Protect the environment
  4. Build pillars upon trust
  5. Respect one another
  6. Honesty is the best policy
  7. Diversity is opportunity
  8. Confidentiality safeguards privacy
  9. Cultivate ingenuity
  10. Fresh ideas promote growth
  11. Think outside the box
  12. Reward creativity and innovation
  13. Work hard, play hard!
  14. Recognition instills confidence
  15. Way to Go! Go team, go!